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​​We are currently receiving financial contributions

which are tax deductible through our 501(c) 3.

To send a check or money order by mail, send it to:
Templo Fuente de Gracia, Inc.

144 Woodland Avenue

Campbell, Ohio 44505

Make checks payable to Templo Fuente de Gracia
Please write in note* "For Puerto Rico"

For online giving:

Fountain of Grace Temple

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If you, your group or company are interested in helping us fulfill this vision, please write us and let us know your skill, trade and/or occupation or how you would like to contribute.

Please share with us any prior missions trips experience you have had and your role.
Do you currently belong to a local church and would they consider partnering in this cause?

We look forward to hearing from you and serving together. 

Look for updates as we get word on how we can proceed.

Pastor Angel Lopez

We Can Make A Difference:

Millions have been impacted by Hurricane Maria across the islands and in Puerto Rico. When disaster strikes, it leaves the people vulnerable and in urgent need of help in order to survive and recover. Everything from shelter, clothes and food are needed to assist in their survival. We are asking you to partner with Templo Fuente de Gracia, Inc. and Kingdom Reign International Ministries in our relief campaign to help those affected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.

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Kingdom Reign International Ministries

P.O. Box 3692

Boardman, Ohio 44513



Emergency Support:

  • To be a light and love in the darkest of times to the people of Puerto Rico. Our goal is not just to meet the natural needs, but be a source of comfort to the souls as well.
  • Once the roads are clear and the waters recede, we will take an assessment team for our first trip into Puerto Rico to survey the damage done to the communities where we have ministry affiliates, friends and families. We will work together to establish an outreach community center where the collections we receive will go directly to this outreach center so that food and supplies can be distributed to those designated communities. 
  • There are short-term and long-term goals. There is a need for immediate relief such as food, water, hygiene, medical supplies, fuel, etc. At the same token, we are concerned about the long-term needs as well. Our goal is to aim for the long-term reconstruction of those communities.
  • In the long haul we will need construction materials, skilled laborers and contractors who will want to travel and help rebuild shattered churches and homes. 
  • Ship cargo containers with supplies and goods that are donated and personally deliver them to the victims of the municipalities listed below. (A team of those from our ministries and those we have partnership with locally and in other states will go to Puerto Rico for first-hand ministry and rebuilding.)

Drop-off location & times are being arranged and will be announced soon. 


We have personal contacts in the following municipalities and plan to send our team to:
1. Ponce
2. Las Piedras
3. Juana Dias
4. Penuela

Please consider partnering with us in this long-term work.